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The Science of Tennis Performance and Physical Training.



In the modern game, developing an explosive, all around tennis athlete is as important as developing the tennis strokes and tactics of the game. The players at the top of the junior and pro game are complete athletes. They move explosively with great balance and control, they can play long matches with high physical intensity. They are able to play back to back days and weeks during big events, recovering well and staying relatively injury free. 


Working to develop this level of athletic ability gives a player an amazing confidence on the court as they know they can handle whatever may come during a match. I believe the key to this development is an individual program designed to meet the needs of each specific player, their current athletic ability, body type, stroke and game style, training background, age, injury history and tennis goals.    



Movement Technique & Biomechanics:


The key to developing an agile, explosive, powerful player is in building a better tennis athlete. With a proper movement and athletic development program, a player is able to have:


  • A fraction of a second longer to set up and hit each ball.

  • A faster push and acceleration with each step.

  • Better able to maintain balance when moving to and around the ball, therefore having a stroke that breaks down less.

  • Less energy used to produce maximal racquet acceleration. 

  • Less overall energy used during the length of a match.

  • Reduced stress on the body in practise and matches.

  • Reduced injuries especially in the overuse areas (shoulders, wrist, hips, knees).

  • Better able to recover one day to the next in practise and after mathes.  


This athletic development is complimented by strength, power and conditioning work, on and off the court. 


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